TIPS Field Exercise - Skill Booster

TIPS Field Exercise - Skill Booster


Live Webinar with Field Exercise to Support CDA Candidates to provide planing, implementation, documentation and developmental appropriateness.


Tools and strategies provided to support successful execution of Early Care and Learning Credential on-site verification and exam are provided. This overview will be supporting competence statement II and add individual goals during site visits. Resource collection discussion and portfolio support this component is manually reviewed and graded. 27 Clock Hour certificate granted. 


Component Supports Portfolio Development for:


  • CDA Credential (Home Visitor/Infant Toddler/Family Child Care/Toddler)
  • School Age Credential
  • Montesorri Credential 
  • CTE Early Learning Credential
  • State Registry 
  • Career and Educational Courses


 © 2018-21 by TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc (This component is not for trainer registry portfolios for suport on trainer portfolios please visit our site.)

  • Academic Policy

    Academic Honesty Policy:

    All students are expected to act with civility, personal integrity, respect other students’ dignity, rights and property; and help create and maintain an environment in which all can succeed through the fruits of their own efforts. An environment of academic integrity is requisite to respect for self and others and a civil community.
    Academic integrity includes a commitment to not engage in or tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation or deception.  Such acts of dishonesty include cheating or copying, plagiarizing, submitting another persons’ work as one’s own, using Internet sources without citation, taking or having another student take your exam, tampering with the work of another student, facilitating other students’ acts of academic dishonesty, etc.
    Sanctions for breaches in academic integrity may range, depending on the severity of the offense from an “F” grade on an assignment or test to an “F” in the course.  Severe cases and/or repeat offenses of academic dishonesty may also result in more severe disciplinary sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion.

    More on plagiarism:


    © 2018 by TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc

  • Misrepresentation Policy

    Misrepresentation Policy

    Before you begin, please read our Misrepresentation Policy:


    There is an expectation that the Students enrolled in a Certification or Credential Course will attend as scheduled and perform their own work on all assignments. Exams should be taken with honor, integrity, and professionalism. TIPS for Child Care Institute Inc., has a "Zero Tolerance" policy for misrepresentation and unethical behavior.


    Misrepresentation includes but is not limited to:

    • Someone other than the student attending a Credential Course, completing self paced courses or portfolio work. 

    • Publishing in any manner, whether written or oral, course work, class portal, model of the program, hand-outs, assignments, projects, exam questions or results.

    • The performance or submission of assignments or exams that is not the work of the student.


    The decision as to whether student have engaged in misrepresentation is at the sole discretion of TIPS for Child Care Institute. Upon determination of misrepresentation, TIPS for Child Care Institute shall immediately expel the student and block any funding agency from the Course. Any and all MOAs with that Agency and TIPS for Child Care Institute may be subjected to termination any funding will be forfeited with no refund. All monies provided for Credential will be subjected to documentation fee and coaching fees . All students engaging in misrepresentation will be permanently removed.


    If you are intersted in learning this model please contact us to learn about our Trainer of Trainers option.

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