Early Education Career Institute strives to be 

an accessible and affordable option to the 

early care and learning community. Internationally we strive to provide educational opportunities to teachers with little or no exposure to research-based best practice instruction.  

Early Education Career Institute  is designed to support approach based learning through theory in practice strategies for Early Care and Education

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Flipping the Classroom

Monday, September 10


The flipped classroom  approach has been used for years in some disciplines, notably within the humanities. 

JumpStart Your Career

Saturday, July 28

JumpStart your way to formal education through the TIPS for Child Care Institute CDA JumpStart Support Program​​.

​Cultivate Excellence...NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct

Thursday, June 02


NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct provides insight to both ideals and practices

Early Care and
Education International Compliance Credential
 Nanny and Au Pair Training Credentials
Peace of Mind
Compliance Certificate Program

TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. offers an innovative child development associate credential readiness program. The course includes a rigorous schedule of courses with a live instructor. Classes offer a diversified curriculum of 120 Clock Hours of ECE, portfolio support, and test prep.

  • Early Care and Learning Certificate

  • Home Visitor CDA Credential

  • Infant Toddler CDA Credential

  • Pre-School CDA Credential

  • Family Child Care CDA Credential

  • MSA CDA Credential 

  • TIPS  Nursery Peace of Mind Certificate

  • TIPS Pre-Primary Teacher Training

  • Approach Based Teacher Credential

This Early Childhood Development model is designed for Secondary School students and adults. This  program is specially designed for teachers with little to no exposure to research-based best practice training to further expand their learning of teaching. Our teachers are interested in working with children 0-5 years old. 


Career readiness:

  • Nanny

  • Au Pair

  • NAEYC Assistant Teacher

  • CCFD Funded Program

  • Cruise Ship Youth Programs

  • State Funded Programs

  • Federal Programs

  • IB Board USA and Abroad


The program is a great addition to any Home Economic, Home School,  IB Board, Vocational, Cyber or Charter High School Curriculum. 

 Cultivating Excellence Institutes are circuit based mobile labs provided in an Intensive 3 -5 day setting. These Early Childhood Development continuing education institutes are scheduled throughout the 8 contents to support IB Board Staff, early care and learning staff practitioners and individuals seeking to earn a Child Development Associate Credential. 


Awesome add on for any:

  • Staff Development

  • CDA Renewal

  • Foster Parent Program

  • Conferences

  • Professional Development 

  • Continuing Education

  • IB Staff

  • CCFD Grantee Staff

  • NAEYC Teachers

  • Head Start Teachers

  • Early Learning Associate Mini Conferences 

  • Micro-Credential Opportunity

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